I have worked with many families with twins. Both as first time parents and second time around. I have supported parents through the grief of losing a twin yet having to be strong for the remaining baby.

Having twins can be  double the joy yet can sometimes seem like more than double the work.

New parents or second time parents faced with the news of twins can feel very over whelmed and sometimes a little scared at the prospect of raising twins.

Let me help support you through this exciting and rewarding time. With the right help, support and guidance it can be a truly magical time. It doesn’t need to be a nightmare.

I can support you through Breast feeding your babies, mixed feeding or exclusively bottle feeding. From day to day help on practical aspects, to emotional support or some much needed sleep at night. I am more than capable of feeding both babies at night without the need for you to be disturbed. Equally as I tell all my parents that if you want to check on them in the night, that is fine too. They are your babies and I am merely there to help you have the best experience of them.

Please contact me for an informal chat and/or to arrange a get together.

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