Photo of smiling babyPostnatally, every family’s needs are different. I have helped many first-time mothers to become confident in their new role as a mum. I can help you to learn the basics of baby care, establish breastfeeding or bottle feeding and crucially, to take care of yourself, and enjoy your baby. One of the most important roles I can offer is ensuring a new mum eats properly and rests so that she has enough energy to look after her new baby. This can be emptying dishwashers, laundry, ‘play with a purpose’ for siblings, fending of unwanted visitors, cooking light meals, batch cooking of baby food. One of ‘my mothers’ described me as a ‘mother without the emotional baggage’.

Second-time mothers often have different needs; I can do the school run, help to entertain other siblings or look after the baby while you spend time with the other children. I am a trained nursery nurse so am full of play ideas to keep the children entertained. I am also an experienced night nanny and am very happy to do night work on a regular or ad hoc basis.

I have experience working with premature babies, twins and babies with tongue tie and reflux. I have also helped mothers suffering from postnatal depression.

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